Volunteering Opportunities

“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.” - Oscar Wilde

Social Media Space

As a social media intern your focus will be on collecting media, photos and short videos, and posting them across social media sites, with the objective of building Milaan’s social media presence by making creative posts about our work and activities.

Videos - Making and Editing Short Clips

This is currently a big need at Milaan. If you have experience with putting together short videos to tell a story, then please do get in touch with us.

You can help us with your skills in scripting, shooting and editing simple videos about our work and its impact.

Photo Essays

You can help us by writing essays on topics around our work. This could include writing case studies on our beneficiaries including photos and video interviews. The interviews can be with the girls, their parents, teachers and community members to build a wholistic picture of the child’s journey and growth.

Your work will be shared with our well wishers, supporters and donors as well as hundreds of people through our social media networks.


From time to time Milaan’s runs campaigns on various issues including active citizenship.
You can help us by managing the campaigns for us. You can also participate and help to spread the word about existing campaings such as the Square Feet of Happiness campaign.


On an average Milaan conducts 1 to 2 events in a year. We are always on the lookout for volunteers with experience in organizing events who can support or even take the lead in organization our events.


Our kids benefit most from exposure to people with different experiences from thiers. We are always open to individual coming into our centre to take classes for our kids or even or

We prefer regular engagements, such as once a week or twice a week classes, with pre-planned topics and activities.

Managing Data - Online and Offline

Our website requires to be updated from time to time with new posts. You can help us by putting together the new posts covering both text and images.

We run through a lot of data in our day to day work. For a small team like ours it can sometimes be an issue to keep it all organized. Help us by feeding data, such as student details, into a digital format. This could also involve collecting the data first and then feeding it into excel sheets.

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” Winston Churchill

Internship experience

Anurag Acharya - IIT Delhi

Internship experience summary:
>> Tell us something about yourself – I always like to help people, i am hardworking, i want to be ready for everything, i love childrens
>> What was the one thing I enjoyed most in my time here?
– food at teacher’s home
>> One thing that I learnt?
-we should not be depended on any one,
>> What do I think could have been better?
-i hadn’t visit much homes in the near by community , so i think it have been better
>> What do you think is unique about Milaan or is Milaan’s strength?
-1st thing milaan works on girls edu. which is very important, also they support them to study and also want more girls to study who can’t study due financial problem or some other problem 2ndly as i have seen it is the only school compare to near by schools where studies are much better then others
>> My feedback on community interaction regarding Milaan -everything about milaan was postive ,the only negative is about some community people who still don’t understand the importances education So, i want that everyone in the community should know the importance of education , the power of education
>> Would you like to be in touch with us? – yes
>> Contact details: 20,sanjay colony, nagaur Rajasthan, 341001
father’s contact no. -9414269941
my contact no. -8094825577 (rajasthan)
8377819401 (delhi)
email id :- anuragacharyaiitd2013@gmail.com

Vasundhara – IIM, Indore

Internship….this all started with mandatory internship as a part of our course. I started searching something nearby my home so that I can go to my home and finally I was last person in batch to accept any internship and it happened because of reason.
Now it is wow!!! for me to be part of Milaan Ngo. When I came i came with a lot of perception and expectations all negative and positive. But everything got sorted out in a moment. I was little bit scared as it was first time I was going to work outside my hostel world. I am generally scared of outside world. I was bit nervous on first day when I entered in Ngo. There was orientation on first day then time was to go back. They asked me to stay for 5 min I was sure they are going to give some work but I was overwhelmed by greeting at milaan (it was big thing me where I had perception of organisation as being very harsh) They were very considerate about my accommodation and continuously helped me to find out paying guest( but finally I stayed with my uncle as I didn’t wanted to miss home cooked food at least for 45 days). I was very sceptical how I am going to spend my time for 45 days without any friend in a city but now 45 days have passed and I didn’t
feel I was alone to roam in city during my internship (may be because it is too hot to go out to roam in city).
Every member at Milaan is very friendly. I never felt I have come to new place and I need to act very differently (except day one). It was more like friend group working for cause and everybody treated likely.
Thing which I liked most here is organization culture over here. There is no hierarchy. Even being an intern I never felt that I have come only for 45 days and everyone treated me like family. When I came I had very different perception but here I was wrong, everybody is very friendly with each other. The one thing which is unforgettable is training program in
Pithodagarh. When I came to know that they are taking all teacher and trainer from here to pithodagarh just for training, it was like just the matter of venue. I was surprised what is so different that they are taking everyone there why can’t it happen here.
But I was wrong. It was awesome trip ever. Journey of 24 hours was very tiring but when we started going up and up , it was very exciting. 1300 mtr high place “ Himalayan gram vikas samiti” in gangolihat,uttrakhand. It was one more wow!!! . I got chance to interact with Bhistji and HGVS team. I met with entire milaan team and nderstand what and how about Milaan and the team spirit and cooperation between each other. Actually I have learned a lot from pithodagarh trip and this whole internship of 45 days. The masti and fun during trip is unforgettable.
Going to patal bhuwaneshwar, the weather over there, scenes and the grand dinner and cultural night of last day and many more which are unforgettable.
The care taken by team was really overwhelming. My parents were little bit worried about me, I assured them there every body are like family and every single member are very caring to each other. Again I was very sceptical that what I would do when teachers training program is going on but actually I can say I learned a lot from each session .
The whole team is very cooperative. I started working on Photoshop but I was not able to finish it. Instead of withdrawing, Sharat Sir
helped me continuously to work on that and lastly at the end of 3 days I was able to finish it.
I was responsible for logistics during training program. Even if there is any problem everybody was ready to accommodate. This is what always motivated me to work.
I went to SLRC in village Kaintain in Sidhauli, Sitapur. I just wanted to see what real situation is over there and what reason of backwardness of that region is. It was really surprise for me when I went there in village. There is no proper transport from main road,
up to 5 km you need to take cart pulled by man and again further you have no option other that walking. Somehow I reached SLRC.
There is no electricity for time duration I was there and even people were not sure when it will come. Situation over there was big surprise for me. People don’t have proper drinking water, electricity and proper facility which we see as essential in modern time. The most shocking things were discrimination over there. People are very proud of their higher cast. People are competing with each other over caste. First time I saw this kind of strong feeling of caste. I feel there is need of a proper education for development of those
Learning is not only through lecture and classes but the thing which I have learned at Milaan during my internship are lifetime learning. It was teachers’ training in pithodagarh but it was most memorable trip for me. During training there were many activities which taught me a very deep lesson.
The things look very simple when we see just as outsider but there are thousands of problems when we do it. Learning in class and feeling that we know everything about that doesn’t work, when it comes to practice then there is real problem. Responsibility given to me logistics during training program I thought it is just a simple work but when I started working for that I understood even a small thing matter there. It is very conscious effort to deliver even small work assign to you very properly till end of project.
Now time has come to go back to college. I have learned the things (not tools but personality related) which will be very helpful for me. I have a lot of memory attached to Milaan team which will not let me forget Milaan. Lastly thanks to team Milaan to give me opportunity to work with them.
Suggestion: I worked for social media strategy during my internship; I see one problem in this part of organisation. Instead of depending on interns for social media there should be one full time responsible person so
that there will be a continuity which is needed in organization like Milaan.
There can be something interesting way of fund raising instead of institutional. First week was boring for me when I was working for institutional fund raising. Calling numbers of CSR and only some people listen and few gave their email id and finally now no one is
replying. It is really depressive for me that boring time spent by me is fruitless now. According to me we should go for something
interesting like some online games.