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Milaan appreciates all that its’ partner organizations have done over the years in making the continuation of Milaan’s dream of access to education for students accross Uttar Pradesh a reality.


Letz Change

Letz Change has offered a unique platform for individual donors to support the construction of SLRC and the Swabhiman program. In 2014, they continued in their tradition of supporting by matching donations to Milaan.




Dasra has supported capacity building for Milaan through a DSI Leadership Program in 2012. Additionally, the ground-breaking social impact firm has facilitated Milaan’s partership in the Vodafone World of Diffrence program .

Commutiny: The Youth Collective

Milaan first collaborated with Commutiny to promote 5th Space for young people to explore the idea of self through their society. Our collaborative campaigns included Khwabo Ka Putaka, Aao Paint Kare Kuch Change Kare, and Un-manifesto.

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Give India

Over the past 2 years, Give India has continuously supported our flagship program Swarachna Learning and Resource Center. It has been through their efforts to create a donor base and tirelessly fundraise for our cause, that SLRC has been able to grow to the point of being able to provide for 500 students today.

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Erase Poverty

Milaan’s ongoing partnership with Erase Poverty began in 2011 with the mid-day meal program, this philanthropic, Hong Kong based, organization continues to support the mid-day meal program to date. Additionally, EP was previously a supporter of SLRC, Natpurwa in 2013, and they supported 100 girls in the Swabhiman Program in 2014. EP has been a major cornerstone in contributing donations and support for the ongoing construction of SLRC.

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The School Fund

TSF has promoted Milaan over a long period of time by encouraging donors to support children at SLRC and the Swabhiman program through donations that completely go towards youth education. The fund has also generously mobilized volunteers to assist Milaan on several occasions.

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The Krishinchand Chellaram Trust

The KC Trust generously helped to improve the quality of education for students in Sitapur by providing for additional facilities in Swarachna. In 2014, the trust provided for the construction of the library, a laboratory and the computer lab.

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Pratham supported Milaan’s Swarachna at the inception stage through technical inputs, capacity building and financial resources. It was through Pratham’s enduring support that SLRC can now accommodate 500 students and is now in the expansion phase.

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The Vodafone Foundation

In 2013 and 2014, The Vodafone Foundation supported Milaan through the World of Difference Program, and sent Milaan one volunteer each year. Each individual worked with Milaan for a period of 6 to 8 weeks. Vodafone Foundation has also assisted in a range of activities which include a 5 year impact assessment, creating business plans for our rural entrepreneurs, and working with the children through creative mediums like theatre, poetry and music.

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Our journey with Pravah started with the Changelooms Program in 2009, which further grew into designing and implementing The Swarachna Entrepreneurship program in 2012. Additionally, Milaan is a part of Pravah’s streaming collective. Pravah has assisted us in organizational development through continuous supporting us through providing resources, capacity building and positive motivation.

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The Foundation for Freedom

FFF was one of Milaan’s intial supporters in the construction of Swarachna in 2010. An organization committed to increasing literacy, Milaan and FFF’s partnership has resulted in access to education for 500 students at SLRC.

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Jeev Sewa Sansthan

In September 2014, Jeev Sewa Sansthan generously supported 100 girls in Milaan’s Swabhiman Program. Through their dedicated fundraising and support of education, Milaan was able to help these girls pass class 10 successfully.

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The Marr-Munning Trust

In September of 2014, The Murr-Munning Trust begansupporting  100 girls in the Swabhiman Program. Their commitment to the Milaan team resulted in the lives of 100 girls being changed through education.

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iPartner, a UK-based charity organization supported Milaan’s Swabhiman  Program in 2012 and invested in capacity building of Milaan in order to raise funds from communities in 2013.

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