Mission and Values


Milaan’s mission is to create a world of opportunities to fulfill a million dreams. We make this vision a reality by enabling the youth in rural areas to educate children and empower communities. Milaan’s aim is to spearhead the movement to transform the rural education sector by focusing on increasing access to quality education. We will achieve this aim by leveraging the most potent force that India has today, its adolescents.


Milaan remains dedicated to passionately creating change in the field of education. In our work, we strive to maintain flexibility and regenerate organically. We also emphasis collaboration with people, communities, and organizations over competition. Our two main areas of focus are: Rural Youth and Adolescent Girls.


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Milaan’s work in creating strong female voices starts in our school: The Milaan School. Our Leadership Team pilots initiatives, like the Making Schools Menstrual Friendly (MSMF) program, and successful programs are then widely implemented in our Milaan Outreach Program. The Outreach Program works in government schools to increase access to quality education for girls. The Girl Icon Fellowship works with selected Girl Icons in our Outreach schools, and the Girl Icon Awards celebrates change-makers who have applied for this fellowship.


Milaan’s approach to education is focused on addressing students as whole beings. As Milaan has grown, we have expanded our approach to specially address the need for the education of girls in rural communities. The Milaan School works in coordination with the Milaan Innovation and Education Lab to pilot programs that nurture our rural model school.