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Today, SLRC is still expanding, but currently has…..
500 students

Swarachna Learning and Resource Center


Milaan, in 2007, initiated “Swarachna Learning and Resource Center” in a remote, rural village called Kaintain in Sitapur District, Uttar Pradesh. The center is a creation of the collaborative efforts of the local community and Milaan. In 2008, the community came together to donate an acre of land to set up the first and only Senior Secondary School in the region, catering to 20-25 villages in Sidhauli Block of Sitapur District. Having completed its 7 years in Oct 2014, it currently provides education to over 450 in-need children from kindergarten to grade 12.


The center, besides providing education, acts as a creative learning space for the children, introducing them to the larger world, by means of books, magazines, critically selected movies as well as documentaries and then encourages discussions, debates and exploration of these new ideas.


Milaan’s Midday Meal program at the centre provides the 450+ children studying at the Swarachna Learning and Resource Centre a complete meal as part of their daily routine during the school day. This program was initiated when after a health check-up camp, we realized that 85% of our children were malnourished.


By 2016, our dream is to build the school infrastructure according to the Right to Education guidelines and scale up the center for a 1000 children providing quality education and vocational training.