Dressing up for a cultural performance

Milaan Be the Change is a youth led non-profit organization that works to educate children, enable youth and empower communities in rural India.

The name Milaan comes from the combination of two words: Milan, meaning coming together and Elaan, meaning declaration, which signifies the coming together of young people for a declaration of change.

The three words on our logo, Educating, Empowering and Enabling, are a reflection of our philosophy. Together they recognize the fact that providing education in itself is not sufficient to bring change. It must be education that not only provides knowledge but also develops the abilities, skills, and attitudes of disadvantaged children and youth so that they become capable of reaching out and grasping the opportunities around them.

As an organization, we believe it is imperative to bring about equality in society. It is a necessary first step towards advancing as a people, as a nation, and as a civilization. Such equality will only exist when the people in rural India have the same kind of opportunities available to those of us fortunate to be in the cities of India. Only then will the divide between the two Indias, so often talked about, begin to be bridged. It is our belief that the penetration of quality education in rural India is the only means by which access to opportunities can be opened up.